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“The Hole” is a neighborhood in East New York only twenty minutes from Manhattan. A foreign world hidden in plain sight. The Hole is stationed at thirty feet below sea level. Due to the low elevation, the city is unable to construct a proper underground sewage system, thus flooding, cesspools, and overflowing septic tanks are a daily reality for the families living here.  Just as water collects in the hole, so too do people with no other options. Bam has admitted to committing several murders in his past life as a heroin dealer in the Bronx. The first occurred when he was 12 - growing up in a house that dealt heroine, he did so defending his mother as he was leaving one morning for school.  Now at 42, Bam is trying dig himself and his family out of the hole he dug for them in his past life, one which has manifested as a physical hole, an emotional hole, a mental hole and an economic one.




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