Documentary Photojournalist


Allen Agostino is a Photojournalist and Long-Term Documentary Photographer. A graduate of the International Center of Photography in 2014. He was invited back to teach a class he created called Digital Reverence later that year in September of 2014. Allen has worked for Aljazeera America, News Day, The Toronto Star, Narrativley, Newsweek, The Independent and Inside Toronto. Now Based out of Toronto he plans to pursue long term projects in Detroit where he will continue documenting issues facing contemporary American society. His long term project The Hole was published as a 3 part series by Naratively. It was also featured on German public television by ARD Germany. It has been shown in numerous film festivals around the world.




2014 Documentary and Photojournalism, International Center of Photography, New York, USA




2015- Inside Toronto/ Freelance Journalist for the Mirror and its subsidiaries.

2015- Toronto Star/ summer intern staff photographer.

2015- ARD Germany/ Footage from The Hole appeared on German Public Televison.

2014- Aljazeera America/ Freelance Photojournalist, New York City, USA

2014- News Day/ Freelance Photojournalist New York City, USA

2013- Contributing Photojournalist for Newsday, New York Times, New York City, USA

2015- Open Show Toronto/ Invited to speak about my long-term project The Hole, Toronto Ontario, Canada.

2015- International Center of Photography/ Taught class he created called Digital Reverence, New York City, USA 




2014- Recipient of Wall Street Journal Scholarship 

Exhibition / Film Festival

2015- Taos Short Film Festival/ Finalist, Questa, New Mexico.

2015- Brightside Tavern Short Fest/ Finalist, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

2015- MIA Film Festival/ Finalist, Manaus Amazonia, Brazil

2014- Access Code Short Film Festival/ Finalist, Bangalore India

2015- Forward Thinking Museum/ Emerging Photojournalist Exhibit New, York, New York USA